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Looking for a full stack web developer ?

Great! My name is Loic KARTONO and I'm what people call a full stack web developer.
Nice to meet you!

Not only am I addicted to the web and new technology , but I also possess a large array of experience and skills in everything from web development to web design to even software development. My professional and personal projects have really helped me to improve my skills. With technologies developing and always improving, my knowledge is growing larger by the day.

Passionate and serious about my work, I always give 100%. I like sharing my knowledge and learning from others.

I have great motivation and I like challenges. If you like my profile, feel free to contact me

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8 years experience


6 years experience


5 years experience


5 years experience

Git / Github

4 years experience
Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails

3.5 years experience


1 year experience

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  Loic is unparalleled in his commitment to delivering superlative results. He's skilled, creative and punctual.. I look forward to continued collaboration with him in the years ahead.  

Jonathan Biggs

Hachiaki & BlueDress Founder

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  Loic was responsible for building our website (start to beta launch), using CSS and HTML 5.0 . Together with our back end coder, he demonstrated the ability to handle pressure, meet deadlines, manage time, organize and plan, communicate, work as a team member. I was mostly impressed by his high concentration level. He would finish 16 hours amount of work in 8 hours. I would describe Loic as a hard-working and proactive coder and with him, we were able to make a beta site for our complicated commerce/social network site in 3 months. I can unreservedly recommend Loic and believe he will be a strong and reliable asset to any employer.  

Naoko Tajima

Red Robot & Homerent CEO

If you'd like me to help you build a bespoke, beautiful website or web application, this is the place to let me know.

(+81) (0) 80 4407 1321

792-45 Shimomiyada,
Hassemachi, Miura
Kanagawa, JAPAN, 238-0111